Vegan Chocolate Martini


3 oz. vodka (2 shots)

DSC_68531.5 oz. coffee liqueur (1 shot)

3 oz. chocolate soymilk (2 shots)

1/2 packet NibMor Organic Original drinking chocolate

A few tbsp. chocolate liqueur


Dark chocolate shavings (here we used NibMor All Natural 1 oz. Blueberry)


To rim the glass, pour a few tablespoons of chocolate liqueur onto a small plate. Place some of the the packet of NibMor Organic Original drinking chocolate powder onto a second small plate (if necessary, break apart any clumps with a whisk). Dip the rim of the martini glass into the chocolate liqueur then into the powder. Stand the glass aside to dry.
Add the vodka, coffee liqueur, and chocolate soymilk to a cocktail shaker with ½ of the packet of NibMor Organic drinking chocolate powder. Fill with ice and shake vigorously for a good 30 seconds. Strain into rimmed martini glass. Top with NibMor dark chocolate shavings of your choice & enjoy!