We set out to create a chocolate bar that would be enjoyed by everyone who crosses its path. Milk Chocolate lovers, rejoice! This is a dark chocolate bar just for you! Our all natural, non-GMO line is 55% dark chocolate with a high cacao butter content which makes it feel and taste like you are eating a milk chocolate bar. So forget about all the extra sugar and fillers and join us on the dark side. We promise you won’t be disappointed!

Natural Chocolate Bars – 3oz.

Natural Cherry

Natural Cherry

NibMor All Natural Dark Chocolate with Cacao Nibs

Natural Cacao

Natural Blueberry

Natural Blueberry

Natural Fruit and Nut

Natural Fruit and Nut

Natural Chocolate Bars – 1oz.


Natural Blueberry – 1oz.


Natural Cacao – 1oz.


Natural Cherry – 1oz.

Natural Holiday Boxes

Valentine's Day Natural Cacao Nibs

Valentine’s Day Natural Cacao Nibs – Box

Holiday Natural Cacao Nibs

Holiday Natural Cacao Nibs Daily Dose – Box